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Opening Day Countdown: Quintessential Red #19

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You know it.
You know it.

Good evening.

Honorable mention: Joel Youngblood, Jerome Walton, Reggie Taylor

5. Don Blasingame (2.6 WAR)

Blasingame was a 2B for the Reds from 1961 to 1963, and played in over 280 games as a Red. He wasn't spectacular here or anything, but his name always reminded me of this.

4. Bill Doran (2.7 WAR)

Doran won a ring with the 1990 team, but only played in 17 games for them in the regular season. He was a fixture on the '91 and '92 teams, though, getting over 400 AB in each season at 2B. His '90 campaign was probably his best with the team, though, as he hit .373/.448/.559 in 67 PA.

3. Larry Benton (3.3 WAR)

Maybe the first player on our list born in the 1890's? Benton broke in with the Braves in 1923, but moved to the Reds during the 1930 season. Of course, he didn't start wearing #19 until 1932, as the Reds wore blank jerseys during his first two years here. He won 25 games in '28 on the Giants, but was largely forgettable by the time he made it to Cincinnati.

2. Tommy Helms (4.3 WAR)

Helms broke into the league in 1964 as a Red, and went on to play for them until 1971. He enjoyed some of his best years in Cincinnati, including his 1966 season where he won Rookie of the Year. Oddly enough, his .695 OPS that year beat out everyone else on the ballot. He'd go on to make 2 All-Star appearances and win two Gold Gloves, but went to Houston as part of the Joe Morgan deal. You can still find him pretty frequently at local events.

1. Joey Votto (33.9 WAR)

Man oh man. That doesn't look like a WAR total you'd normally see for a guy with 11 years left on his contract, but here we are with Joey Votto. He's the best.