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Red Reposter - the light's winning

Trying to see the glass half-full in the middle of an uneventful March.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Pitching updates
Health concerns have dogged the pitching staff since they reported to camp, but things are rounding into shape for some of those question marks. Jonathan Broxton faced hitters yesterday in live batting practice for the first time this spring. He didn't feel any pain, which is good. Sean Marshall, who's coming back from shoulder problems, should get back on the mound later this week. And Mat Latos could be ready by the first week of April.

Interesting read from Doug Gray on which Red will benefit the most from Billy Hamilton leading off
As the no. 2 hitter is sure to see plenty of fastballs when Billy reaches, Doug looks at which hitters have fared the best against heaters over the past few years. No surprise Joey Votto tops the list. Brandon Phillips has historically done well but slipped last year. That's probably due to his - and you may not have heard - injury sustained while being hit on the wrist on June 1. Buster Olney is bullish on Billy, fwiw.

That's a clown tattoo, Bro(zo)
No, seriously. Prominently inked on RHP Trevor Bell's non-throwing arm is a depiction of Bozo the Clown - played by Bob Bell, Trevor's granddaddy. Along with Cubs baseball, Bozo terrified generations of children on WGN from 1960 - 1984.

Joe Pos recounts the Dutch Leonard Affair
With the new Pete Rose book rekindling debates on his Hall candidacy, Joe looks at the gambling habits of a couple of inner circle HOFers. I know there's a lot of Rose fatigue and that the man's buffoonery doesn't help his own cause. But it's important for baseball to take a consistent stance in enforcing its cardinal rule. Well worth the read.

Aren’t you a little short for a third baseman?
Swag update from OMGreds. These aren't the infielders you're looking for.

Pujols confirms Mike Trout isn't in his league yet. Okay.

The enemy of Chipotle is also mine. Watch it, Frank Ocean.

Bulgogi > burritos. AL pitchers shudder to think what Shin-Soo Choo can do this year with a full spring of bulgogi under his belt.

You guys got your copy of The SlydePress 201 Redleg Annual, right? We need to eat! Still only $3.00!