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This Week in JPEGs Tournament: Match 17

Homer, the Giant Slayer vs. Hi-Z

picture courtesy of me, you idiots

David Dewitt Slays Goliath

The Reds are paying tribute to Homer's two no-hitters on Saturday, May 10 with a pretty cool bobblehead. I will definitely be getting one of these. I kinda wish they would have modeled the bobblehead after this scene here, but what are ya gonna do. It would have been really, really, totally jamilicious to have a Homer/Hanigan bobblehead.


Hi-Z (Juicebox Hero)

Chris Heisey has been a favorite 'round here for a while, yeah? I think there has been at least a small contingent clamoring for him to get his shot for something like four or five years now. I'll bet an entire can of ravioli that there will be a very vocal contingent by May screaming for Heisey to get a bulk of the starts in LF and/or CF. It won't happen, and the Hi-Z fanclub will continue into eternity with an unquenchable thirst. Do you see what I just did there? I hope you do.