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Red Reposter: When All Else Fails, Talk Prospects

The Reds aren't doing anything. But maybe their prospects are!


Marc Hulet, who I don't think is Canadian, has his top ten Reds prospect out on Fangraphs. He describes it as "thin on impact talent, as well as depth" which is pretty damning. I'm optimistic on some of the SMB/Hank types turning into 2-WAR dudes, but that is just me being optimistic. Anyways, check that out.

Relatedly, David G. Temple looked at Hamilton's use as a pinch-runner in case he falters. Which, blechh, but worth looking at if you're the freegan/survivalist type.

David Laurila interviewed Nick Travieso, who is "pitching instead of throwing" and "being a pitcher instead of looking like a pitcher." Travieso has less of an inverted-W, more of a " ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"

Fangraphs also Steamer'd Reds prospects. Everyone loves Tucker!

I'm sure somebody mentioned it at the time, but in case they didn't, Eno Sarris' interview of C. Trent (among others) isn't as good as our interview with C. Trent (among others), but still. The life of a beat writer ain't easy, but it is worth reading about.

Favorite new quote about why I should care about sports, particularly my type of sports:

I’ve been to see Arsenal at the Emirates, and you are a customer. You might as well go to the theatre. It’s great, but how many people are season ticket holders for Phantom Of The Opera?

Curt Schilling has been diagnosed with cancer. Rhode Island will be footing the bill for chemotherapy and the Boston police will be using tanks and armored personal carriers to conduct a house-to-house search for the cure.

Aoki getting beaned is funny to look at, says Grant Brisbee.

Morc Narmandin examines the 8-year Freddie Freeman deal in light of the cratering 1b market. I'm probably (definitely?) being dumb, but there's a chance that Neftali Soto could be worth something if he has a strong first half of the season. Which would be way cooler than him not being worth something.

To close up the Reposter with some #CyShit, here's an article on American falconry (I recently got into a conversation with R&K asking why they had so many hits from some random baseball website, so good job, guys!).

And in case you wanted to know more about my bearded doppelganger in my avatar, Slate looked into the Circassian genocide that took place on the land now used for Olympics.