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Red Reposter - Reds Forever

Friday, baseball, nearly March.

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Joe Robbins

Votto and Bruce; Lifetime Reds? - C. Trent speculates on the futures of Jay Bruce and Joey Votto. It's probably safe to say Votto will never wear another uniform as a player. While the questions whether or not they'll both be Reds forever remain, there's no question these two will be friends forever.

Hamilton is making opposing pitchers work - The kid is never going to hit for power. In order for him to be a productive hitter he will need to avoid making outs. The early returns are encouraging and quotes like this are even better...

"My main thing is to work the count the first at-bat, at least, and make the pitcher work a little bit," Hamilton said Thursday morning. "You don't want to just go up there and get out on the first pitch. I felt like I did a good job to make him work a little bit. I've been working on that -- making contact and fouling balls off, which I haven't really done in the past."

Cincinnati REDS - Black uniforms? Why?

Jay Jaffe: BP = Bust - Brandon Phillips took significant steps backwards last year, both offensively and defensively. Many of us worried about a possible rapid decline of the aging 2B when he signed his extension. Could this be the beginning of the end?

Reds Fantasy Preview - Frazier's a sleeper, BP's a bust (again!), Mesoraco's a "breakout," and Tony Cingrani could make the Reds' rotation the deepest in baseball.