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Buy the 2014 Slyde Press Redleg Annual Today!

The best $3 you'll spend IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.

The Finest Muffins

Our former leader, Slyde (née Joel Luckhaupt), has once again put together the Redleg Annual. It brings together the finest minds from the Reds blogosphere in one handy eBook for your reading pleasure. The Redleg Annual can be viewed on Kindle, Nook and iPad eReaders, and is also available in PDF format so you can read it on your computer. You can purchase the eBook for only $3 from

Featuring artwork from the finest muffins, the 2014 Redleg Annual has articles from some of your favorite Red Reporters: Cy Schourek previews the upcoming season, ken has an in-depth look at Billy Hamilton (great tables, ken!), Fordham Ram gives a trip to GABP the Frugal Gourmet treatment (without the pederasty), Grahamophone looks at Joey Votto's Hall of Fame chances, riverfront76 puts the 2013 Reds' defense in historical context, andromache mourns the loss of Ryan Hanigan, ams78 has a Joe Nuxhall retrospective, Brendanukkah remembers the 1994 Reds, and I interview Sam LeCure. Plus, if you buy the book, you'll find out our real names!

There are also player profiles for all 25 members of the projected roster, written by Joel Luckhaupt, an interview with Chris Sabo by Brian Welch of Chris Sabo's Goggles, as well as articles from Mo Egger, our pals at Redleg Nation and many other fabulous Reds writers.

Seriously, it's only three bucks. Just buy it, you idiots.