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Five Dumb Predictions for 2014: Let's get Stoopy Domb

Five predictions, sure to go wrong.

Screwball Billy
Screwball Billy
Joe Robbins & -MBP

These predictions are dumber than a John Heyman tweet about win/loss records.

Billy Hamilton wins the Rookie of the Year Award

For the first time since Scott Williamson had the honor in 1999, a Reds player will take home the Jackie Robinson Award as the National League's best rookie. Billy's slash line will be in the .260/.320/.380 range, but the Cool Papa will be the first player to swipe more than 80 bags in a season since Rickey Henderson and Vince Coleman both accomplished the feat in 1988.

Zack Cozart puts up a +.750 OPS season

The Go Cart wrapped up the 2013 season on a high note, OPS'ing .726 in August and a .706 in September, including a 15-game hit streak where he went 22-59. Cozart credited a change of approach starting in August, where he used the whole field, rather than trying to pull everything. Cozart will continue the upward trend and have his best season yet in 2014.

David Holmberg makes KMiB eat crow

There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth from a certain unaccountable journalist at this here blog since Ryan Hanigan was traded to Tampa Bay. But that will all change after this season, when David Holmberg finishes the year with sub-3 ERA, a K/9 over 7, and a BB/9 less than 2, followed by a cup of coffee in September. That crow is gonna be so delicious, 'Mibby.

Jose "Not So Jumbo Anymore" Diaz is the next beneficiary of Bryan Price's wizardry.

We have seen Bryan Price turn the likes of Alfredo Simon and Manny Parra into above average pieces of one of the best bullpens in the league. For his next act, Pedro Diaz will magically become a bullpen stalwart in 2014. Now if only Price could convince Walt that signing Broxton was a bad idea.

A prospect takes over in LF after the All Star Break

Ryan Ludwick is going to disappoint us this year. Labrum injuries are no joke, and Ducky is going to be relegated to a bench bat/clubhouse leader role. Fortunately for the Reds, one of their OF prospects will go nutso in Louisville and force his way into the starting LF role for the big league club. The only question is, will it be Yorman or Lutz?