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This Week In JPEGs Tournamnent: Match 23

It's a three-way. And not the cool Bronson Arroyo kind.

picture courtesy of me, you idiots

Last round, we had a tie. Instead of trying really hard -- or really, at all -- to figure a way to break the tie, I just let both entrants through to the next round. There's not a thing that you or anyone (not even Charles Barkley) can do about it. Well, I suppose you could vote. That would be doing something, right?

Homer Slays Goliath


Juicebox Hero (Stars in his Eyes)


Joey Votto is Batman

So if Joey Votto is Batman and this is the DC Universe, who might the other Reds be? I figure Jay Bruce is Superman because of America. I don't know any other characters in DC because I never read comic books. The end.