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This Week in JPEGs Tournament: Match 22

Yadi Molina: Shit Can vs. Billy Hamilton: Tornado

picture courtesy of me, you idiots

Yadi Molina is a Toilet

This is where things start to get real serious, y'all. Up to this point, this has been little more than a self-indulgent exercise with poorly drawn cartoons, but this is the time that separates the women from the girls. If Charles Barkley had anything to do with this, he'd be really anxious, probably.


The Hamiltornado

The debris, my Lord, the debris! Billy Hamilton is so fast that one time when he stole second base he whipped up such a twister that everyone holding a cup of beer in the stands lost their cups of beer and then all the cups flew around the ballpark and then when the dust settled they had all been stacked neatly in a cup pyramid and then that cute girl sang that cup song.

It's getting really difficult for me to find new and interesting ways to introduce these pictures. Also, look at Matt Carpenter there being all dumb. What a dummy.