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This Week in JPEGs Tournament: Match 20

D-Rob and BroYo vs. Swaggin' DatDude

picture courtesy of me, you idiots

D-Rob's Juggling Catch, Bronson Celebrates

This was your Match 11 winner, defeating the neo-Cubist (/rolls eyes) Votto's Reaction. I have to say, looking back at this in the wake of the official BroYo defection to the D'backs makes me feel all kinds of bad things. It's funny, because I was a vocal proponent of trading Arroyo for something like six straight years. He's gonna fall apart any day, you know? But now that he's really actually gone, I'm gonna miss the skeezer. Because there aren't many fellas in baseball so ripe for parody like this.


Swaggin' with @DatDudeBP at the All-Star Game

Dang, this feels like a million years ago. I hate the winter so dang much. You know what I've noticed? I say "dang" way more in the winter time than I do in any other season. Dang, that's depressing. Come back, Smilin' BeePer and baseball. I miss you so dang much.