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Moments I have enjoyed from 2013

Oppo-field doubles and Bailey no-hitters. Jay Bruce hit dingers and Votto smacked winners. Latos sliders and Bronson pulling the string. These are a few of my favorite things.

Brian Kersey

It's apparently really cool to grouse about the Reds now. But I've had enough of that.

Inspired by a commenter (who I can't find since SBN's search function sucks butt, but you did send BK an e-mail and I know your real name, so thanks!), I decided to pick a few of my favorite moments from 2013. You may notice a trend.

Dingers, Relievers, and the angriest wolf to ever steal a base.

Box score from September 5 here.

The Reds wasted Lynn walking the bases loaded in the first. Tony Cingrani wouldn't have any of that.

He struck out the side in the second and with two outs, he bunted for a single. Shin-soo Choo got himself into an 0-2 count in the next at bat, and figuring that the worst that would happen is that he would be thrown out and Choo would get a fresh count to start the next inning, Cinnerman stole second. And then moved to third on a wild pitch. And then scored on an infield single. From thereon out, the rout was on.

Just Walked a Guy, Eh?

Box from July 2 is here.

I Choose not to Make Outs

Box from July 14 here.

More fun Tony Cingrani anger. Todd Frazier botched an easy pop up with two outs in the second, and Tony wasn't able to calm down, giving up a double and two walks before vengefully striking out Jose Costanza to end the inning.

Cingrani was the first batter up in the top of the third and was swinging for the fences. That didn't work, but he did bunt his way on, the went first-to-third on Choo's single because that, after all, is how we do it in Cincinnati. Votto doubled and Bruce whopped a homer to give the Reds an unrelinquishable lead. Probably the only time I've actually seen a pitcher will his team to score. Every single statistically-dubious "will to win" sort of thing was put on Cingrani like a chain-link collar from that point on.

From .gif into Legend

Box from June 17 here.

Ohhh, no reason.

Oppo Game-Win Style is a Pun We Probably Used

Box from September 23 here.

If you're gonna take 10 innings to beat the Mets, you may as well end it in style.

I have a soft spot for walk-off hits that are shortened due to celebration. I also am going to sorely, sorely, miss Choo's opposite-field doubles.

Affable Jay hits long home runs, but only because he wants fans in the cheap seats to get souvenirs.

Well, this is certainly fun.

This exercise was more tiring than I expected, so here's just some sweet comps that I was sent, replete with iffy music choices: