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I Want to be Sam LeCure When I Grow Up

"If the world were perfect, it wouldn't be." - Yogi Berra

Looks like Cornelius picked up a bouffanted friend.
Looks like Cornelius picked up a bouffanted friend.
Jamie Sabau

At present, the Cincinnati Reds are dusting off Grandma's old recipe and preparing to whip up a fresh new batch of this thing we call baseball.  The dry Arizona air is pre-heating the oven, and while the stove never got hot enough to boil water this Winter, the Reds still have enough key ingredients to make this year's batch much tastier than their 2013 edition.

Sam LeCure - fresh off inking the first of what will hopefully be many multi-year contracts - rolled into the land of sand and endless strip-malls early this year.  Despite Friday being the official day for pitchers and catchers to report, it's obvious Sam came in prepped and ready a solid four days early, and, really, what else should we have come to expect from the coolest cat in the 'pen?

Here's a fun way to be more active than the Reds' front office has been for the last 4 months:  caption the picture below!