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This Week In JPEGs Tournament: Match 18

Dusty Takes Off the Bunt vs. Joey Votto is Batman

picture courtesy of me, you idiots

Dusty Takes Off the Bunt

I have a feeling that today's match-up is going to be heavily contested. Our first entrant is Dusty Takes Off the Bunt. This one commemorates one of the more zany moments of 2013, as now-defunct (but still totally funked) manager Dusty Baker sent Aroldis Chapman up to the plate -- with a bat in his hands, mind you -- for some reason I can't remember now but I'm sure it wasn't a good one. He told him to bunt the runner over, but when he very clearly was woefully incapable of executing the task, Dusty took off the sign. And the sign for "take off the bunt" is apparently, "WAVE YOUR ARMS LIKE KERMIT THE FROG WHEN HE SAYS "YAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!""


Joey Votto is Batman

In case you missed it, Joey was on Lance McAlister's radio show last Tuesday. The interview went on for over a half-hour as Joey took calls from listeners and made like four wiener jokes. He also mentioned that wRC+ is his favorite statistic, which, like, OMG SWOON!!! You guys, this dude is the best there is. And he's ours. And he's also Batman.