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Opening Day Countdown: Quintessential Red #58

Ed. Note: Wrote this earlier today and forgot to hit post. Whoops. Still in on time!

Another light number, but chances are you remember a few of these guys.

Honorable mention: Pat Darcy, Arturo DeFreitas, Johnny Ruffin, Richie Lewis, Frankie Rodriguez, Josh Hall, Pedro Lopez, Enerio Del Rosario, Daryl Thompson, Todd Redmond, Nick Christiani

5. Jeff Treadway (0.5 WAR)

Continuing the trend we've been seeing at these high numbers, Treadway wore it his rookie season and switched shortly after. That was a pretty decent rookie season, honestly, as he hit .333/.356/.452 in 90 PAs. Treadway would go on to be a moderately successful infielder for the Braves and Dodgers.

4. Cesar Hernandez (-0.4 WAR)

He could have been better, but he wore #58 and no other numbers for multiple years so he's on the list. He was with the Reds in the 1992 and 1993 seasons, where he was a crappy bench player. Oddly enough, he was a first round pick by the Expos all the way back in 1985.

3. Ramon Ramirez (1.1 WAR)

The most recent entry to the list, RamRam pitched for the Reds for two seasons, 2008 and 2009. It was his only shot at the big leagues (so far), where his career numbers of a 2.97 ERA in 39.1 innings aren't too bad, honestly. He's been in the Mexican league the last two years.

2. Hector Carrasco (2.7 WAR)

Carrasco was a pretty good pitcher for a long time, and is another one who started his career with the Reds. He was a Red from 1994-1997, and collected a career 3.57 ERA in Cincinnati. In July of 1997, he was involved in a pretty big trade with the Royals, where he and Scott Service got traded for Jon Nunnally and Chris Stynes. We got Stynes, so I think we won that one.

1. Steve Parris (4.9 WAR)

Never really much of a strikeout guy, Steve Parris was an amazingly consistent performer for the Reds from 1998 to 2000. Not only that, he was an anchor on the winning 1999 team with an 11-4 record and a 3.50 ERA in 21 starts. Parris would go on to pitch in Toronto, and had a few random starts as a Devil Ray, but his time in Cincinnati was by far his best. He's the Reds' #58.