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I hope the Reds trade for Matt Kemp

Well, I don't know about "hope." But I think this is an opportunity to make an okay move.

Gross. That's a lot of pee.
Gross. That's a lot of pee.
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, we've done this before. So I won't preface too much. The Dodgers have too many expensive outfielders and too much money. So they seem likely to clear space by paying some other team a bunch of money to take one off their hands. The Reds need an outfielder. Kizmit.

Earlier today, MLBTR reported (#RRClassicJoke) that the Dodgers were close to trading Kemp to the Mariners. They wanted a good pitching prospect (like Taijuan Walker or James Paxton) in return for Kemp. The Dodgers apparently were also willing to pay half his remaining salary (he has $107 mil left for the next five years). 'twas the Mariners who balked, mostly because they didn't really like the idea of moving one of their cool young pitchers.

I can sympathize. Cool young pitchers are so totally hot right now. Everybody wants the next Jose Fernandez or Matt Harvey (only healthy, natch). Guys like Walker and Paxton are pretty dang valuable.

Back to the Reds though. This is a Reds blog, after all. The Reds, as you probably are aware, have a goodly number of decent pitching prospects. If that's the fruit the Dodgers are a-hankerin' for, maybe the Reds can oblige.

Honestly, the whole dang reason I'm writing this is because apparently the Dodgers are willing to go halvsies on Kemp for the next five years just so they can get rid of him. I am so totally all up ons having a guy like Matt Kemp around for ~$10 mil a year.