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2014 Redsfest Dos and Don'ts

Redsfest is upon us. Here's how to handle it.

DO: Plan ahead.

If you're an autograph hound, make sure you look at the schedule. Lines fill up quickly, and you literally can't hit everything. Make sure to know where you should be and when to get the most out of Redsfest.

DON'T: Hassle players walking around.

You're a dick. Stop it.

DO: Wait until the end to get Reds Authentics stuff.

Thank me later. In the past, prices on game-worn jerseys has gone down as much as 50% by the final few hours of the event.

DON'T: Try to haggle prices on stuff involving the Reds Community Fund.

Come on, it's for a good cause. Especially when...

DO: Haggle prices with the other memorabilia vendors.

Sometimes you can talk the independent vendors selling stuff on the sides down. There's always good stuff over there, but you really have to comb through a lot to find it.

DON'T: Make a player sign 10 things at the autograph table.

Dude, it's obvious this is heading straight to eBay. You're the worst. You are why players don't like signing stuff, and you are why the parent of the kid behind you probably wants to stab you in the face.

DO: Check out the Reds Connect Zone.

I saw a pretty cool interview with Sam LeCure over there last year. And if your cell phone is dead, they have plugs. Rumor has it this is the second best place to find fellow Red Reporters, with the only place better being the bar.

DON'T: Try to track down Jim Day.

"It's not funny! It's never been funny!"