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We're gonna watch Black Mirror and you're invited


Over in my other other thread!
Over in my other other thread!
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According to our very scientific and rigorous voting process, in which everyone was basically tied, we decided that we're gonna try to have some Black Mirror Gamethreads/openthreads.

This basically means that starting on Thursday, at 10pm ET, we're gonna do livethreads of episodes (viewable on Netflix and other slightly less-admirable video-watching websites), with "first pitch" at 10pm on the dot.

The threads will go up early and will run through for a while, letting people who can't catch it at the time talk about it later. And I'll try and push conversation with SIS-y conversation topics.

Does this work with everyone? I promise, it'll be a lot of fun. It'll be like going through a haunted house with a bunch of strangers you met on the internet. What could be a more rewarding experience than that?