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RR Cultural Winter: What to Talk About?

We had a book last year. Let's get weird this year.

The Harper/Pinson/Robinson of Christmas Specials
The Harper/Pinson/Robinson of Christmas Specials
Black Mirror

Hi everyone. Last year we did a book club on Chad Harbach's The Art of Fielding. I really enjoyed myself and I think you all did too. We want to do the same thing this year, but we never decided on a book and I really doubt that a lurker is going to work for the publisher and give us all free copies. So we're going to try something different and we need your help.

I have two options for you all, one of which has two options within it. And I want to put it to a vote on what we do.

1) Kentucky Route Zero

A game in five acts from Cardboard Computer. Nominally about Kentucky, but more about exploring a magical world. I don't mean elves and wizards magic, I mean that every few scenes there's a breathtaking reveal shot that is the most impressive thing you've seen in a video game.

The gameplay is more about things left unsaid and interpersonal relationships in a wireframe-noir landscape then like, winning or something like that.

Pros: Ethereal and gorgeous. I want to smoke a cigarette while playing just so it can fall out of my mouth.

Cons: Videogames aren't for everyone. Only has 3 acts out, so would be short.

2) Black Mirror

Seven episodes of basically British, 21st-century Twilight Zone. They're on Netflix, low-quality on YouTube, and could be found on some...other websites as well. The name of the show refers to the black reflection of a smart phone surface and, as creator Charlie Booker put it "each episode has a different cast, a different setting, even a different reality. But they're all about the way we live now – and the way we might be living in 10 minutes time if we're clumsy."

I really can't go on enough about how peculiar Back Mirror's really not like anything else I've seen, and after every episode I've gone on a 15-30 minute conversation with anyone I can find about it. I'd attach a trailer, but I'm afraid of providing spoilers.

Pros: Brilliant mix of satire and sci-fi while still being grounded in human issues. Ends in a finale with Jon Hamm and Oona Chaplin for all you girls and boys. Can watch with friends/SOs.

Cons: British. 7 episodes will take us into Spring Training.

2b) Black Mirror Game Threads

Basically, instead of regrouping to talk about Black Mirror episodes on the weekend, we "time" it to watch one at say, 10ET on  Friday night. That way we're following each other through the trips and trials rather than recapping it afterwards. And we can still recap it afterwards.

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So please vote below. Black Mirror will be free for those of you with Netflix or okay with dealing with suboptimal versions. Kentucky Route Zero will cost money. Both are entirely okay with me.