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Super Sappy Red Reporter Christmas Thread

Because we love you all. No, really, we love you all.

Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

If you're reading this, it means that you've managed to wade your way through another Christmas season, so congratulations.  Here at Red Reporter Mobile Headquarters (did you really think we walked uphill in the snow both ways to the office today?), we thought it'd be a great time to thank you fine folks and folkettes for making this place what it is for yet another enjoyable year.

What this place is, precisely, we still don't really know how to define, but what's undeniable is that it's the community that makes it the unique nebula that it is.  You find the best GIFs on the planet.  You crack the best jokes on the planet.  You know the Cincinnati Reds better than your first Playboy magazine, but you don't let that spoil the fun of talking about absolutely everything else that exists on our planet and planets far, far away.

Most importantly, you make writing stuff and posting it here fun, because we contributors know that the community that has found its way to this odd, amazing corner of the internet will have a pile of interesting takes on it.  I think I speak for the whole RR crew in saying that you fine humans and the insights we know you'll provide are what makes putting our thoughts in article form here worth it, blogholey page-click demands be damned.  I look at clicking "publish" as nothing more than starting conversations that I know you'll not only be part of, but that you'll teach me things from.  I can't begin to tell you how fascinating and captivating that is, though by now I don't have to tell you that it's an addiction I'm happy to boast about.

So, consider this an infinite amount of thanks.  One great big e-hug, if you will.

Red Reporter is part Red Light District, part Red Herring, part Reds encyclopedia, and if you type "Cuba" into the partially-functional RR search function, you'll find it even appears as part Red Army, at times.  It's also a place I visit  to learn, to forget, to laugh, and to vent, and I hope that's something that manages to maintain for a long, long time.  RR is roughly 10 years old at this point, which is a round number I think we can all take a bit of pride in.  It has morphed through the years from JD Arney's initial forays to the boobs era, through Slyde's amazing wealth of knowledge and the SB Nation amalgamation, the SB Nation Civil War, and the SB Nation Unification.  'KRP championed our cause, and BK is now captaining a hell of a ship as we try to navigate our way into whatever the hell the internet and social media keep dictating we must.

It's been a hell of a ride, and we're looking forward to chugging right through (beers, of course) with each and every one of you as 2015 rolls around and Joey Votto and the Reds get back to their brain-bashing ways.  Thanks for doing your damnedest to help keep 2014 breathable.

Merry Christmas, Red Reporter.