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Want to write for RR?

Martin Hunter/Getty Images

Sure you do!

As much fun as we have writing for RR, we aren't always able to cover everything. As much news and analysis as we're able to get to, if we had a few extra hands, we could do even more.

The ideal candidates would be:

  • Able to help cover news and daily stuff, via Reposters, game previews, recaps, FOs, and any ideas they you may have as to things that would be good for RR
  • Able to help with social media, Facebook, Twitter, that sort of thing
  • Already demonstrated some kind of writing ability, whether that be on another blog or RR's comment section
  • Willing to work for free and/or the occasional free beer in Cincinnati
  • Familiar with RR's community

That last point is really important to me, and if you're reading this, probably to you. We want to continue to put the best Reds writing you'll find anywhere on the internet, but it's important that the people on the masthead are respectful of the people we already have. More than almost any other SB Nation blog, the community is a huge part of what keeps people coming back to RR, and we want people who are into that. Every single one of us on the staff currently honed our argument chops in the comment section here, and there are plenty of regular commenters who I know would do a good job. That being said, there are plenty of you writing elsewhere who lurk here would be great at this too.

Are you interested? Drop us a line at and introduce yourself, what you're about, and let us know where we can read what you've written.