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Red Reposter - Delino DeShields to manage DeBats

RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports

Bats name DeShields manager

This is the biggest piece of Reds news today, as the Reds will put DeShields in charge of their AAA team. He's been great to have in the organization and it's seemed like players like playing for him at every level, so there's no reason not to make this move. Could he be a future fit on the coaching staff in Cincinnati?

Jay Bruce stinks?

They could have used a better headline, but Jack Cecil and the fantasy nerds over at FakeTeams aren't too fond of Jay Bruce. Whatever, Jack. You stink.

Analysis of Jeff Gelalich and James Allen

Double dose of Doug today, as he breaks down the disappointing season former first-rounder Jeff Gelalich had, as well as scouting reliever James Allen, who could see time in the bullpen somewhere down the line.

Pirates acquire Sean Rodriguez

While the Reds haven't made any moves yet, the Pirates just made a move that would have looked great for Cincinnati. Sean Rodriguez can play all over the infield, and will beef up what was already a solid bench.

All for a PTBNL? Where's Walt?