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SBN Winter Meetings Sim 2014: A primer

Even for the Fake Reds, this is your future 2nd baseman, whether we like it or not
Even for the Fake Reds, this is your future 2nd baseman, whether we like it or not
Joe Robbins

We're doing this again this year, and about to get underway. Your braintrust this year is Wick, Uncle Weezy, Scrabs, and yours truly.

So what is this?

It's a simulation of the winter meetings, using SBN bloggers as the GMs. Rosters are the same as they were at the end of the season, and payrolls will be set to be as realistic as possible. We'll be trading players as realistically as we can, to try and make the team as good as we can make it for 2015 and beyond.

Shouldn't the Reds just stick with what they have?

They could, but how much fun would that be? The fun with this is that it's realistic, but the GMs aren't held accountable, so everyone's much more likely to want to make moves and take risks. Win win.

Ok, so what are the Reds going to do?

The Fake Reds FO have some ideas, but we're not trying to give too much away.

What about moves within the Reds?

I guess we can reveal a few things.

Just like the real Reds, we're going to pick up Johnny Cueto's option for 2015, and decline Ryan Ludwick and Jack Hannahan's options.

The Cueto thing is a no-brainer. The only move better in my mind would be if we could give him a long-term deal, and since this is only a one year sim, the $10M we're getting him for would be less than he'd be getting per year long term.

We feel we can do better than Ludwick based on what he'd be getting paid, and we're cutting Jack because Jack was very bad last year, and doesn't help us going forward.

We're also non-tendering Logan Ondrusek, because that money can better spent elsewhere.

You're just going to trade BP again, right?

Despite trading him in the last two sims, BP has 10/5 rights this year, so he's off the table! We'll have to get a little more creative.

Stay tuned, and we'll keep you updated as to the moves we make as we go this week!