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Friday Reposter: Bummers and Catchers

And also, taking suggestions for Winter Book Club

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports


It's been a while since I've done a reposter, or since you've read a reposter. That's because not much is happening, and when it does Wick is pretty much on it. So I'll try and uncover some interesting stuff that you should read.

Stuff like, The Great Cincinnati Privy Disaster of 110 years ago, if you have time to read several thousand words.

Or a bit more interesting and Shinkellian, The History of Catcher's Masks. I love how masks had a mouth hole so that ballplayers wouldn't spit dip all over their cage.

Jose Arangure wrote a phenomenal article about Dominican deaths in light of Oscar Taveras' death. I will basically read anything about young Dominicans in baseball, and this is no different.

This Post Dispatch photograph is relevant, devastating.

But, on a lighter note, Pops Daniels won the "What's the worst live sports experience" thread that SBN tried to run. As always, thank you so much for existing, Pops.

And finally: We're going to do another Winter Book Club this winter. Any suggestions. I think that The Devil's Snake Curve is the early leader in the clubhouse, but I'm open to anything that's either fiction or non-fiction as long as it'll be interesting to talk about. Any suggestions? We'd love to have something up and ready in a month.