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Throwback World Series game thread tomorrow!

If you haven't seen the FanPost from Shibo from Over the Monster, he wants to organize a YouTube game watch for this Saturday night. We need game threads back, guys.

So on Saturday, we're going to have one. It'll open up at 8, and we'll all watch Game 1 of the 1975 World Series together.

(Yes, I know this wasn't the best game for our Redlegs, but if we make this a regular series, guess who gets the payoff? We do.)

Don Gullett vs. Luis Tiant. You know you want to check this out.

We'll start the game at 10PM EST. If you come into the fray later, you can jump in the YouTube to "live" by offsetting the time from 10. Sounds easy enough.

Either way, stop by and let's enjoy the offseason, especially after that debacle at Paul Brown last night. We'll have a thread here, and they'll have a thread at OTM, and we can kind of mix-and-mingle between the two.