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SBN Awards: Help us choose the funniest Reds moment of 2014

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

1. Joey Votto going RAHR RAHR in the dugout

The Reds were out of it, Votto wasn't coming back, and was getting blasted in the media for no reason. What better time for him to RAHR RAHR his teammates on?

2. Billy Hamilton scores from 3rd on a pop fly

There were lots of these kind of "this is amazing" moments from Billy this year, but this was downright silly.

3. No high fives for you, Don Long

Kris Negron was one of the brightest spots of the season for the Reds, but no moment was brighter than Negron leaving Don Long hanging. Poor Lon Dong.

4. Ramon Santiago walk off grand slam

Ramon Santiago had two home runs all season. His last one of the season knocked the Pirates out of contention for the NL Central division title, and pushed them to the play-in game, where they lost to the Giants. This is hilarious.

5. Joey Votto on MLB Network

Rewatch this. It's about Joey and Nibbles, havin' fun, makin' memories.