Let's Watch 1975 World Series Game 1!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Shibo, and I'm a member of Over the Monster, the Red Sox fan blog next door. Now that baseball season has ended, a few of us over there start to miss our normal nightly game threads, and so I decided to try and bring back the fun of game nights during the offseason by holding a once-weekly Throwback Gamethread. This week was our first-ever game, a 1967 Red Sox-Twins game. We had an absolute blast, so we'll be holding the next one a week from tonight.

What we're planning on doing is watching as much of the 1975 World Series as possible over the next month or so, starting with Game 1. Most of the series is on youtube, so we'll try and do a game a week. We're a friendly group of baseball fans and history lovers, and we'd love it if some people from Red Reporter would join us, to enjoy the games and maybe make some new friends. We may have the most famous moment in that series, but let's face it: You guys won. So, I think there's plenty of fun to be had on both sides in this world series.

I'll try and get with both Brandon here and Ben over at OTM to work out the logistics. Ideally, I'd like to host this at our house this week, and maybe yours next week if you guys are interested. I'd love to get it linked on the front page of both sites, so more people will see it. We could have a pretty fun November with this if it works out. What do you guys think? Let me know! Here's a link to the thread that I made a few minutes ago over at OTM. I hope to see some of you on Saturday night!

OTM Throwback Game 11/8/14