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All in, or all out?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There's been a lot of talk over the last week about what the Reds should do. There's been suggestions that Walt has exactly two options that he's mulling over right now.


One thing Walt can do is to go for broke and try to win the whole thing right now. Even though the majority of their pitching staff is expiring after this season, they're all under contract for this season. With a healthy Votto, Phillips, and Bruce, this team has the foundation to go for it right now if they get another piece. They could spend some money, they could get a left fielder, they could shore up the bench and the bullpen, they could trade for another big bat in the lineup.



They could punt. Once again, the Cardinals have gotten better, the Pirates will still be good, and the Cubs look to be a darkhorse in the division. The Reds could look at the rest of the division and realize that even if they improve, they still could have trouble making the playoffs. They could use their trade chips now and stock up for the future. That could mean the departure of guys like Johnny Cueto, Mat Latos, Jay Bruce, and Aroldis Chapman. It'd mean a tough road for Reds fans, but something that we're used to from about a decade ago.

What should they do?

Walt Jocketty has fans in something like a "fan purgatory" right now. It's difficult to know how to feel about this team, knowing that the team they have coming back has parts that are good enough to compete, but also knowing that if they are to win the division, they need to make some moves. If there's one thing we're clear on right now, it's that standing pat won't work at this point. They can't go into this improved division with the same team and expect a drastically better result. They just can't. I think Walt knows that, but we're still stuck here waiting until he figures out what to do.

What do you think? Today's poll is as simple as they come.