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Throwback Game Thread & Friday Night Open Thread

It's Friday night, and we're feelin' right. Until Walter trades the entire team.

Since this might be the only thing we have to look forward to in a few weeks, tonight's throwback game is Game 3 of the 1975 World Series.

Thanks to DevilsAdvocate, who went and uploaded this for us so we can watch tonight. You can find the footage here:


You know the drill by now. Start the video above at 9PM EST if you want to watch along. If you're late to the party, kick up the video and skip to that many minutes past 9:00. It's pretty simple.

Come hang out, and welcome our Red Sox brethren from OTM too. Your pitching matchup tonight is Gary Nolan for the Reds against Rick Wise of the visiting Sox. Your starting lineup is the Great Eight themselves. All 8 of them.