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2014 in Review: Aroldis Chapman

Hit Chapman, get to the World Series...but at what cost?

Michael B. Thomas

Courtesy of Salvador Perez, Chapman had a steel plate inserted into his head. Courtesy of what in retrospect was some of the worst controversy-ginning journalism , Chapman had his willingness to play baseball questioned.

So that was weird. But he came back to strike out 106 of the 207 batters he faced. 45 dudes reached base. He wasn't quite at "Satchel Paige calls all the defense to hang out at the pitcher's mound at him and watch him strike out the side," but he was close.

There's not much else to say about Aroldis at this point. He's the closest thing to perfection the Reds have had in the bullpen, for three years straight. The 'pen around him is deteriorating, and he's not joining the rotation anytime soon. It's not damning with faint praise to say that he is what he is: what he is, is a game-ender.

He'll be doing his thing for one or two more years in a Reds uniform, I reckon. Hopefully he'll be able to bridge to another competent bullpen future, hopefully as soon as 2015.

I remember years past where Chapman would give up soul-sucking home runs, would be unable to find the plate, or would suddenly start throwing 92. This year wasn't those years. He was unkillable all year long.

That line drive to the head may have revealed Chapman's true form in 2014. All Hail.