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FAKE NEWS - Fake Reds dump some salary

Joe Robbins

This just in from Fake MLB Network:

Reds have traded SP Homer Bailey to the Toronto Blue Jays for SS Richard Urena and RP John Stilson.

I know what you're thinking. How could you?

Simple. The Fake Reds have no more fake money than the real Reds have. We knew going in that we needed to shed a starting pitcher. Trading Bailey means we can keep Cueto, Latos and Leake (at least, for the time being), and we think that is the start of a pretty solid rotation. It also helps free up the books for the future, as Bailey was still owed $80Mish, which is now not our problem.

In return, the Jays are helping us balance our books, and also giving us two pretty useful pieces. Urena is a shortstop signed 2 years ago, and can go to Dayton young for his level and produce right away. Adding another lottery ticket to the Reds SS cache won't hurt a thing. Also, we get Stilson, who should be ready to contribute to a big league bullpen in 2015. That's a cost-controlled piece, which we like as a small-market team. The Reds' bullpen wasn't necessarily hurting, but now it's deeper and cheaper.

We've got some more things we're looking at, but all in all we're pretty happy with our roster as it is. Stay tuned.