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SBN Winter Meetings Sim 2014: Fake Reds make their first deal

Jared Wickerham

We're on the board with a trade, and your Reds have a new left fielder.

We've traded for Matt Joyce of the Tampa Bay Rays, and given them pitchers Ben Lively and Ismael Guillon in return.

We like that Joyce can play anywhere in the outfield, and got on base at a .349 clip last year. It definitely skews our lineup lefty, but the handedness isn't as important as it was when Dusty was in charge and when Mes and Frazier weren't hitting for power from the right side. It's an upgrade for Ludwick in our eyes.

Trading Lively wasn't an easy decision, but we feel that we're still quite deep on the SP front. Guillon could benefit from a change of scenery, and we didn't feel like there'd be a place for him in the big leagues anytime soon.

All in all, this is a positive move for us, even if we're adding salary. He'll be making $4.9M from his arbitration case, which is cheaper than Ludwick was for us too.

Thoughts on Joyce? How'd we do?