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Red Reposter Up All Night: Ludovico Cain

Falling in love with centerfielders

Jamie Squire

As Grant Brisbee mentioned, the NLCS is a stupid, awful, terrible thing and we should care only about the ALCS. This is easy enough. But for those who are trying to decide who to root for within that little matchup, I can only say "man oh man, do you love Lorenzo Cain as much as me?"

There's a fantastic Kansas City Star article on him and how he started playing baseball in high school, mostly because he was bored and shiftless. There's a great quote about how he probably hadn't even watched a baseball game before showing up for the team, and where he's gone from there. It's great. Please read it. Please fall in love with the flycatcher with doubles power alongside with me, we'll have fun.

John Sickles' Minor League Ball has a Prospect Retrospective on Adam Dunn. It's fun to look back on what Adam Dunn did in the minors -- .329/.441/.676 in AAA! -- but it's sad to think about what he could've been. I'll never figure out what happened to his ability to hit for average. It's easy to say he "didn't try hard" (as much of a lie as that is), but I'd love to talk baseball with the Donkey.

Beyond the Box Score is wondering what the deal is with Edinson Volquez. I'm not, but hey, maybe you are. So here's that link.

MLB Trade Rumors reports on possible extensions for Frazier and Mesoraco, both of whom have their three years of arb upcoming. It seems like buying high on both of them, and Frazier in particular is a bit of an older guy who may not need extending (especially if Crash looks to be something worth holding on to at 3b). With talent coming up through the pipeline I'd rather year-to-year them, but I'm curious what you think.

For those wondering about stadium security and how new regulations are going to affect attendance or general game-pleasantness, look no further than Turkey, where state-mandated credit cards have...pretty much destroyed attendance. It's kind of a neat read on how another culture does sports. Stadium experiences are fun (go read about me and Spencer Hall at the Istanbul derby!), but it's ultimately easier to go to a bar, where you can drink beer and move around a bit. A weird thing that Turkish bars do is charge attendance for big matches, but since not everyone drinks alcohol there, it sort of makes sense in a way. Anyways, it's a good read. I'm curious to hear if you'd rather go to The Bar to watch a game or The Stadium.

A history of bacon's popularity. It's kind of weird to think that the bacon cheeseburger-as-fast-food-product is only about 15 years old. The article is kinda poorly researched/written (food trucks are...actually kind of an old thing, not a hipster phenomenon) and doesn't get into certain American Identity issues I've ramble on about, but it's a history of bacon. Come on.

A good interview with Landon Donovan. He's such an interesting character, I really love reading interviews with him. He reminds me a lot of Votto in that "sensitive star sort of mode where he refuses to give canned answers. It's cost him a lot, but he's still the best American soccer player in history, even if he doesn't always seem comfortable with it. A good read.

And just because I'm always a sucker for speculative sports branding, Diego Guevera's mockup for Miami's maybe-soccer team is cool as heck.