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Giants vs. Royals: World Series Game 7

One last game for the ring that rules them all.

Dilip Vishwanat

The marbles.  All of them.

Game 7 is the only thing standing between the Kansas City Royals, the San Francisco Giants, and the one ring to rule them all.  In charge of that?  None other than Jeremy Guthrie - who a year and a half ago had an ERA over 6 before being traded for the disaster that is Jonathan Sanchez - and Tim Hudson - whose ankle formed a very unnatural right angle roughly 14 months ago.

That's baseball, though.  A journeyman 35 year old on the hill for the home team opposite the oldest Game 7 starter in baseball history.

It's the last Major League Baseball game of 2014, a year most Reds fans want to flush down the john.  But, it's baseball, it's high-stakes baseball, and it's the last we'll see of it before the Hot Stove fires up.

Go Baseball.