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Reds exercise Cueto's option, decline on Ludwick, Hannahan

The ace is under contract for 2015, at least.

"Hey, stick around, would ya?"
"Hey, stick around, would ya?"
David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

To bury the lede:

That's right.  The Cincinnati Reds declined to exercise the 2015 options for both Jack Hannahan and Ryan Ludwick, meaning they'll pay them a combined $6.5 million to go away instead of a combined $13 million to replicate the -0.9 bWAR they provided in 2014.

While not an inexpensive decision, it's a prudent one that opens up a pair of spots on the 40 man roster that will hopefully be filled by more healthy labrums than their predecessors.

More importantly, though, is the decision to bring back Johnny Cueto for $10 million in 2015, which the Reds will do by picking up the option for the final season on their ace's current contract.  That was a no-brainer, a choice made easy by the fact that Cueto will be one of the most underpaid established aces in the game next year.  The club has mentioned before that they'd like to keep Cueto around for much longer than just 2015, but that's something Cueto, his agent, and Walt Jocketty will have time to discuss thanks to the procedural actions signed off on today.

Chris Cotillo has the details over at MLB Daily Dish.