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World Series Game 6 Open Thread

Go Royals

Ed Zurga

The weight of the baseball world will rest on the narrow shoulders of young Yordano Ventura tonight, as he takes the hill opposite Jake Peavy at 8 PM in Game 6 of the World Series with his team facing elimination.

Ventura is a fascinating pitcher to watch, with a blazing fastball that topped 101 MPH this season, and averaged nearly 97 MPH, by far the highest of all starters.  What makes his velocity even more impressive is his size, or lack thereof.  Listed at 5'11", he's probably closer to 5'8".  Ventura pairs the heater with a 12-6 curveball that can be devastating when he has it working.

Here's to a Royals win tonight to give us One More Day of baseball before the long cold winter sets in.