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Offseason Outlook: David Holmberg

We look at the season Reds pitcher David Holmberg just had, and preview how he might fit into the 2015 Reds.

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Today starts a new series at RR, where we look at the role players from this past season who aren't necessarily guaranteed a spot on the roster for 2015, but could impact the team in some way. We'll begin with a pitcher who had his ups and downs, David Holmberg.

2014 in review

MLB: 7 G (5 GS), 4.80 ERA, 30 IP, 18 K
AAA: 18 GS, 4.66 ERA, 92.2 IP, 56 K

His big league numbers were skewed from a case of the yips to start the year. Even in Louisville, he struggled early on (and that strikeout total...woof), before getting the call in a doubleheader against the Cubs on July 8. That went poorly, and after another rough spot start in August, that's all we saw of Holmy until he was a September callup. He was scheduled to be a bullpen piece, but ended up throwing 5 emergency shutout innings of relief after Dylan Axelrod hurt himself to start a game, and took a spot in the rotation from then until the season ended.

As a regular in the rotation, Holmberg had 3 starts, all of them being quality starts.

What's his role for 2015?

His role for 2015 will look to be an awful lot like his role for 2014 was. With plenty of starting pitching on this Reds team (for now) (knock on wood), we'll likely see Holmberg start his year in the Louisville rotation once again, hopefully with a little more confidence. He's likely to be the first or second guy called in case of an emergency, but just like in 2014, if the Reds are relying on Holmberg to give them major innings in 2015, the 2015 Reds won't be much better off.

What do you think of the job Holmberg did? Was he just nervous to start the year?