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World Series Game 1 Open Thread: Giants at Royals

Madison Bumgarner vs. James Shields

Jamie Squire

Well, we had all hoped the Reds would still be playing, but alas, they aren't. So it's down to the team that's been there a lot recently against a group of young upstarts that haven't lost a playoff game since the Reagan administration. Can the Royals keep up their hot postseason run, or will the experience of the Giants put an end to their remarkable run?

It's Big Game James against Large Contest Madison. Cain against DL'd Cain. Brandon Crawford's long white boy hair and goatee against Brandon Finnegan's long white boy hair and goatee. People in Panda hats against people in crowns.

I, for one, am pulling hard for the Royals, Lorde be damned. Hooray baseball!