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Red Reposter - Winker, Waldrop, & Nod

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The Enquirer's John Fay tackled a few Twitter-based questions in the latest edition of his Fayblog, with his most detailed response focused on - gasp - BABIP and how it relates to Alfredo Simon's breakout 2014 season.  It's a minor foray into the BABIP/FIP/DIP discussions we've had here numerous times before, but it does illustrate a bit of the skepticism surrounding how real Simon's 1st half really was.  Fay also touches on the future of the LF situation, advocates the FA pursuit of Nori Aoki or Mike Morse, and lobs out fake numbers like he was a Red Reporter regular while mentioning the fabled Cincinnati streetcar.

Fay also continued his positional breakdown series, with the latest focused on the Cincinnati Reds' catchers.  Verdict:  about as stacked, backed, and futured as you could reasonably hope for (and done so rather cheaply).

The Arizona Fall League is chugging right along, and the top Reds prospects have been putting on quite a display so far.  Jesse Winker is currently leading the entire league in OPS, as he's started 5 for 11 with a dinger, two doubles, 4 walks against just 2 strikeouts, 7 ribbies, and a comfy .455/.563/.909 slash (1.472 OPS).  Fellow Red Junior Kyle Waldrop isn't far behind, as his 8 hits are tied for the most in the AFL and his .533/.533/.800 has his 1.333 OPS as the 6th best in the league so far.  On the pitching side, Ryan Dennick and Carlos Gonzalez have each pitched multiple clean innings as relievers, Nick Howard allowed a pair of earned runs in his 3 inning starting debut, and Ben Klimesh has been poked for a pair of runs in his two innings of work.  A complete list of the Surprise Saguaros team stats can be found here, for those interested.

Still on the AFL, prospect guru Jonathan Mayo took some questions from prospect mavens over the weekend, and he managed to gush a bit about Winker's prospects in the midst of heaping some praise on the rather unheralded Waldrop.  Mayo has gone as far as saying he thinks Winker "might be the best pure hitter in the minors," which is amazing to hear when the pain left by looking at the 2014 big league offensive stats is still seared on your brain, and it's good to hear that the wrist injury that derailed Winker's AA transition this year has been put in the rear-view mirror.

Remember when the Reds' bullpen was really, really good?  Remember Sean Marshall?'s Mark Sheldon caught up with the Reds' lefty to chat about the state of his shredded shoulder and the looming last season of the 3 year, $16.5 million contract he signed after 2012.  Marshall's balky labrum has limited him to just 24.1 innings combined over the 2013 and 2014 seasons, yet the now 32 year old sounds confident that his latest round of rehab will have him on-track to be a big part of the upcoming Cincinnati bullpen.  That'd be a good thing, since this year's edition sucked an egg and Marshall's big salary and injury history render him virtually untradeable.  If he can even approach the success he had in his first season as a Red, however, that's a huge load off Walt Jocketty's offseason to-do list.

Oh no!  Private equity corporate raiders are going to takeover the Reds with an LBO and spin-off assets until they're a more profitable version of the Miami Marlins!  Not really...yet.

Grant Brisbee is good with funny frickin' ha-ha's.  You should read his latest ha-ha's since they're about MLB postseason commercials and they're frickin' funny.

Finally, here's a cool story about a 12 year old girl's frustration with the lack of female presence in the latest catalog from a major sporting goods retailer that happens to go by a perfectly awkward name.