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Opening Day Countdown: Quintessential Red #59

Into the 50's, now. Not too much longer. TONS of names today.

Honorable mention: Tom Foley, Freddie Toliver, Keith Brown, Curt Lyons, Keith Glauber, Carlos Almanzar, Dane Sardinha

5. Marcus McBeth (-0.1 WAR)

I'm including McBeth because he's the latest Red to wear #59 in the major leagues, which baffles me a bit. That was in 2007, where he had a 5.95 ERA in 23 ballgames. Oddly enough, that's the only season he spent in the big leagues. He was also a fun guy to have with RR, as there were about a billion MacBeth references when he pitched.

4. Bobby Ayala (-1.6 WAR)

Bobby Ayala had an 8-year career in the big leagues, but few realize that he actually started out as a member of the Reds in 1992. He wasn't very good as a Red, but he wore #59 for two seasons, and that's the longest of anyone on this list. He had a 5.31 ERA in 48 appearances as a Red.

3. Kip Gross (0.5 WAR)

Kip wasn't bad. He pitched for the Reds in the 1990-1991 seasons, and ended up accumulating more than 90 innings in that time, most of them out of the bullpen. He had a career 4.50 ERA as a Red, and was also here for 2 years.

2. Todd Jones (0.6 WAR)

Todd Jones is known as a longtime reliever in the big leagues, and actually, was known for wearing #59 at most of his stops. He was pretty good as a Red, amassing 51 appearances in the 2004 season. The Reds traded him for Josh Hancock and Anderson Machado, so... major win, for sure.

1. Lance Davis (1.4 WAR)

Yep. Lance Davis is far and away, the most successful player to ever wear #59 for the Reds. He only wore it for his one big league season, where he went 8-4 with a 4.74 ERA. As a crafty crappy lefthander, I really identified with Lance Davis when he came up. He was honestly, pretty average for a year, as a lefthanded starting pitcher in the major leagues, and never really got another shot. This still baffles me a bit.

So here's to you, Lance Davis. Happy Friday.