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Reds To Ink Ramon Santiago

Well, isn't that just a fine howdy-do?

Craft:  perfected.
Craft: perfected.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Reds did their best to get your sugars up this afternoon by apparently reaching an agreement with free agent IF Ramon Santiagoaccording to Jon Heyman.  The Reds had reportedly been in search of a switch hitting utility infielder capable of auto-out bunting from both sides of the plate and backing up SS at a fraction of the ability they had 7 years ago, and sure enough, Santiago fits that profile.  He'll have pretty large shoes to fill, of course, since those left behind by Wilson Valdez and Cesar Izturis were worn so very perfectly.  Few, if any, have mastered the role of .500ish OPS 34 year old backups the way they once did, so Santiago better be on his best at being at his worst to live up (down?) to those kind of expectations.

Santiago will get an invite to Spring Training on a minor league contract, but if (when) he breaks camp, he'll get $1.1 million.  Considering there's not a SS on the roster other than Zack Cozart, it seems like a no-brainer that he'll make the big league roster based upon the past tendencies of this current front office, meaning someone will have to be jettisoned from both the 40 man and projected 25 man rosters to make that happen.  A quick perusal of the actives makes me think that will either be an expensive ($3 million) DFA of Jack Hannahan or a potential trade of Chris Heisey; otherwise, there's not a second SS in the dugout.  Doesn't that sound like a whole ton of fun?

Santiago, 34, has spent the bulk of his 12 year career as a member of the Detroit Tigers - 10 of his 12 MLB seasons, to be exact.  I'm sure he's a swell guy, professional at being a veteran (a veteran at being a professional?), and will add needed accountability to the Reds' dugout.

If you're happy - and you know it - clap your hands and post .gifs here while once again bemoaning Joey Votto's knee injury from a year and a half ago.