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Opening Day Countdown: Quintessential Red #62

Dilip Vishwanat

Yes, the #63 is exactly who it should be today. Let's go.

Honorable mention: Seth Etherton, Keith Kessinger, John Courtright

5. Ray Olmedo (-0.7 WAR)

Ray Olmedo is well known to any Reds fan who grew up watching the early 2000s teams, and stuck around in the Reds minors for a bit after that. He only used #62 for one year, but it was by far his worst year.

4. Guillermo Garcia (0.1 WAR)

How rough was #62? Garcia's 1998 season remains the most successful #62 in Reds history value-wise. In a season where he hit .194/.237/.417 in 38 PAs. He ended up playing a few games with the Marlins after that.

3. Danny Richar (-0.4 WAR)

The thing about these #62 is that this number is almost to a point where it's just plain unlucky. You may remember Danny Richar as part of the return in the Griffey to Chicago deal. He ended up using that number for just one year, and had an OPS of .500. Woof.

2. Justin Lehr (-0.2 WAR)

Justin Lehr started 2009 with an awesome season in Louisville as a 31-year-old, and it was a matter of time that the woeful Reds were to give him a shot. They did, and it looked pretty promising in his second start as he shut out Rich Harden and the Cubs. It was not all sunshine and roses, and in his 11 starts, he ended up with a 5.37 ERA. Like most Reds starters from the 2000s, he took a trip to Korea after that and has been bouncing around since.

1. Jordan Smith (-0.5 WAR)

I'm not happy about this, either. Jordan Smith is the only guy to spend more than one year wearing #62, spending 2 seasons with the Reds. He ended up amassing 57 appearances in 2010 and 2011, all in relief, and has a career 4.94 ERA in the big leagues. That last year was rough enough that he hasn't had a shot since, and spent last season in the Marlins system.

There really could be another #62, huh?