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Opening Day Countdown: Quintessential Red #64

Rob Tringali

At the point where we're actually having to make cuts on this list. It'll be opening day before we know it.

Honorable mention: Jim Chamblee

5. Sun-Woo Kim (-0.1 WAR)

One of the weirder moves from that 2006 season, Sunny was brought in from Colorado to help the injury-plagued Reds make the playoffs. He only ended up starting one game, where he gave up 2 runs in 5 innings. We saw him one other time, before he called it a career.

4. Jon Adkins (-0.1 WAR)

Adkins had a pretty nice career for himself, with the Reds being the last stop on it. He was actually pretty good in the 3.2 innings he was a Red, only giving up 1 run. Nice.

3. Tom Shearn (0.5 WAR)

Here we go. You may remember Tom Shearn as the guy who was called up from Louisville where he was living in the groundskeepers trailer past the outfield fence. After 11 years in the minor leagues, he ended up making 6 starts for the Reds in the 2007 season. He went to South Korea after the season, but maintains a perfect 3-0 record in the major leagues.

2. Wladimir Balentien (0.8 WAR)

My Wladdy Balentien is now a lot more famous than he was as a Red, as the current Japanese home run champion. I always thought he deserved more playing time in Cincinnati, with a really solid 2009 season. In 125 plate appearances, he slashed .264/.352/.427 and was let go after the season. Poor Wladdy.

1. Juan Francisco (0.5 WAR)

Another more recent guy, but El Nino Destructor will not be defeated. I actually remember him more as #64 than any other number, and he's the only player to use it for 2 years in a Reds uniform. He played in 50 games in 2009-2010, with a .316/.381/.447 line, which would be pretty spectacular if he was able to do that full time. He's been a slightly below average player since, with his most recent stop in Milwaukee last season.