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Opening Day Countdown: Quintessential Red #65

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Here we go! Full list of 5 today. Let's do this.

5. Matt Grott (-0.4 WAR)

Good news about Matt Grott? He had a 10.8 K/9 in the 1995 season. Bad news? Sample sizes are a bitch, Matt. The lefty from La Porte, Indiana was a Red for only 3 days, making 2 appearances for the club in May of '95. He got an out against the Phillies before getting absolutely abused against the Mets in an exciting game where Grott turned the game from a 3-2 game to a 9-2 one, before the Reds actually came back and won 13-11. Shame that was his last game.

4. Scott Randall (-0.5 WAR)

Scott Randall is another one of those guys with the '03 team. Randall had a 6.51 ERA in 15 appearances that year, 2 of them being starts. Moving on.

3. Ryan Hanigan (0.0 WAR)

Obviously, Hanigan is quite a bit better known under another number, but he wore #65 in his debut season in 2007. He was brought up for a cup of coffee and had a .764 OPS in 11 AB. Not bad, Hanny. We'll see you closer to the season.

2. Pedro Villarreal (-0.1 WAR)

Technically, this is the reigning #65, but Pedro isn't signed with the team for next season, so this could change during spring training. Seems like he was a Red for more than 6.2 innings, didn't it? Apparently, not. Also, the first 2-year guy on this list, despite the small inning total.

1. Josh Roenicke (0.1 WAR)

I think most reading this probably remember Josh Roenicke coming up with the Reds, and he's certainly seen a few different uniforms since then. He only pitched 16.1 innings with the Reds, but showed a lot of promise, enough that another team wanted him (and two more after that). Trivia question: without looking it up, do you remember what trade took Roenicke out of Cincinnati? I had to look it up.