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Opening Day Countdown: Quintessential Red #67

We're getting into more than just bit players, now. We're that much closer to spring training. Surprisingly, only two players have used #67.

2. Dane Sardinha (-0.1 WAR)

For a guy with 5 total ABs as a big leaguer with the Reds, I remember him as much as any player from the early 2000's. He wore #67 in his debut season in 2003 (2 ABs), and switched to #57 in 2005 (where he had 3 ABs). This is probably the only list he'll make.

1. Felix Rodriguez (0.4 WAR)

For once, a guy who actually had a positive contribution. Felix was a pretty darn good reliever in the 1 year he spent with the Reds as a 24-year-old in 1997. He threw 46 innings to the tune of a 4.30 ERA, with 39 strikeouts. Oddly enough, he'd turn into a really good reliever for the Giants in the early 2000's, and spent some time with the Phillies and the Yankees before closing out his career with the Nats in 2006.

Why did the Reds get rid of him? The Reds traded him to Arizona after that season and received a PTBNL who turned out to be Scott Winchester. The Reds Bowden'd themselves with that one.