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Opening Day Countdown: Quintessential Red #68

Is this even a real team
Is this even a real team

We're back. Don't get too excited, this is pretty barren.

2. Didi Gregorius (0.1 WAR)

Remember when Didi was 68? I don't. Apparently he got issued #68 to start the 2012 season, and then took #25 after Mike Costanzo got the boot. I have no idea how many games he played as #68, to the point where he can't win this award. Which leaves us with...

1. Eric Valent (-0.4 WAR)

Those mid-00's Reds keep popping up, don't they? Another one from the 2003 team, Valent played for the Reds for one season in between stints with the Phillies (who drafted him in the first round) and the Mets after (where he actually had an .818 OPS in 130 games the following year). He actually got 44 ABs in that year, where he went .214/.250/.214. Yep, that slugging percentage. Yeesh. Let's hope 67 improves us a little bit.