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Reds avoid arbitration with Heisey, Simon, Leake, and LeCure

Heisey, Simon, and Leake all get one-year deals while Sammy gets two.

"Nah dude, yer the jam."
"Nah dude, yer the jam."
David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Today's the day that teams and arbitration-eligible players have to file their numbers for arbitration, so to avoid all that muckity muck a number of deals end up getting done. Chris Heisey, Alfredo Simon, Mike Leake, and Sam LeCure have all agreed on deals to avoid arbitration, cleaning most of the uncertainty off the board for the Reds.

Heisey is getting $1.76 million, according to Jerry Crasnick. That's pretty much what everybody who talks about this kinda thing expected (in fact, everybody is getting just about what we expected). Heisey was eligible for arb for the first time.

Simon is gonna make $1.5 million, according to Ken Rosenthal. Simon was also in his first year of arb-eligibility.

Mike Leake signed for $5.925 million, per Heyman. It was his second year of eligibility. He got a pretty handsome raise over last year, nearly doubling his salary. Good on ya, champ.

The biggest (I guess) deal of the day is for Sam LeCure, who gets two guaranteed years and $3.05 million, also per Heyman. Sammy is a RR favorite, so it's good to see the longer commitment, I suppose. LeCure was eligible for arb for the first time, so this deal will cover his first and second arb years. This kinda looks like one of Walt's special unnecessary two-year deals for bench players and middle relievers, but with Sammy it's different. Just because.

There are still a few guys left with unresolved contracts who are eligible for arbitration. Homer Bailey and Aroldis Chapman remain. Homer looks to make about $10 million or so and who knows what Chapman will make.