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This Week in JPEGs Tournament: Match 13

Cingrani Terror vs. Tres Caballeros des Gaucho Piñata

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picture courtesy of me, you idiots

And so we have completed the first round of this very serious and important exercise. Like the BBWAA's Hall of Fame voting, we have absolutely no idea just how farcical this thing is.

Cingrani's Terrifying Pitch Face

It still gives me goosebumps. And not the exhilarating R.L. Stine kind. The chilling Dean Koontz kind.

Tony Cingrani came up from Louisville and started a few games, but went to the bullpen in June. He came in against the Pirates in the eighth inning of a 1-1 tie and smoked the side. With three easy strike outs, he set the stadium ablaze.


Back on the Horse

This one barely edged out its competition in the first match of this here tournament. This one did not win it's original week, but I chose it as a wild card entrant into this tournament. One of the core elements of the weltanschauung of this artistic endeavor is to explore how such a visual medium can relate metaphor. I think this piece is one of the best executed examples of this idea. Because see, Ryan Ludwick's nickname is Ducky and here I drew him as a duck.