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This Week in JPEGs Tournament: Match 12

Swaggin' wit datdude vs. nappin' with dem dudes

picture courtesy of me, you idiots

Swaggin' with @DatDudeBP at the All-Star Game

Brandon Phillips has been the focal point of a number of unsavory conversations this winter. The rumors started swirling shortly after the season ended that the Reds were ready to ship him out of town. Then there was that whole thing with RedsFest where the Reds were like, "we invited him but he's not coming" and then BP was like, "No, they never invited me" and eventually he did show up and everybody loved him, but it was still a weird few days.

But remember the All-Star Game? Probably not, because it was boringer than a boring convention about boring and drilling components sponsored by Boeing and the PBA. But BP flashed some sizzzzzzeriouzzzz swag, making a pair of nifty plays in the fifth inning. Check out the video again. It's gonna be really hilarious when you catch yourself saying, "Dang, I wish I was more like Tim McCarver."


Taking It Easy Against the Mets

Look, I understand how painful this kinda thing can be. No one really wants to relive that terrible last week of the season when the Reds were sleepwalking zombies from Somnambuland. But I beseech you to set aside the emotional detritus attached to this pic and try to evaluate it on it's artistic merit alone.

And hey, look! Bronson Arroyo is laying down by the pitcher's mound and watching a Girls Gone Titters DVD!