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This Week In JPEGs Tournament: Match 10

Beeker and Welshy and a boat!

picture courtesy of me, you idiots

Beeker Meets Chris Welsh and Jim Kelch

Neither one of our entrants today won their week way back when, but I think both are neat. In Beeker Meets Chris Welsh and Jim Kelch, our fearless leader won a Make a Wish or something and got to visit the FSOhio crew while at a game in Colorado. I think I vindicated the moment nicely, don't you?


Cincinnati Crossing the Infield

Way back on the Fourth of July, the Reds were supposed to play a baseball game. It never happened because God hates America. A tremendous thunderstorm washed the game away, leaving the Reds in a bit of a desperate spot. They braved the waves like George Washington crossing the Delaware, or at least, that's how I imagined it happening.


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