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This Week in JPEGs Tournament: We're back!

"Hey hey! I've been in Reno for six weeks! Did I miss anything?"

picture courtesy of me, you idiots

Hey, everyone! Sorry for the extended layoff, but we're back to follow through with this stupid idea to it's logically stupid end. Lucky for all of us, the Reds haven't done anything since the last one of these, either. I can only assume that Walt and the gang were all sitting around refreshing the front page of Red Reporter waiting for the next one of these to come up. So now we can all relax and enjoy, and the Reds can finally get some work done and get us a dol-gern left fielder.

So here's where the tournament stands right now. Luckily, I froze it in carbonite back at the end of October so it would stay fresh for us.


Jeez, we didn't even make it through the first round. I'm bad at this.

Anyway, this thing is starting back up later today, so let this serve as an update or something.